Bitstamp Login – Buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum

Since people have started to earn huge profits through crypto trading, many people have started to shift their focus from stock trading to cryptocurrencies. Investing in crypto is one of the best decisions you can take when you think of making a long or short-term investment. Hence, if you are also someone who is interested in crypto-investment, then you must be on a hunt for the best trading platform. And what could be a better option for you if you have Bitstamp by your side.

Have no idea of how to use Bitstamp? We'll teach you how you can use this platform to buy the leading cryptos available in the crypto marketplace along with the complete details on the Bitstamp login process.

What is Bitstamp – Buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum?

As stated previously, Bitstamp is the perfect place where you can buy, sell, and invest in cryptocurrencies by using a mature investment approach. On their portal, they have listed several renowned cryptocurrencies and other assets so that you do not have to think of another option for investing in your preferred crypto.

How to use Bitstamp?

To use Bitsatmp, you have to first create an account on their official website and use the available taskbar to make purchases on it. However, creating an account is not enough because you also need to get your account verified to start trading on it. As soon as you set up your profile, you can choose from numerous deposit options, select the preferred market to trade in, and choose the desired trading pair. After that, you just need to click on the "Buy" option to finally make the purchase of your favorite cryptocurrency. For easy trading, you can use your credit card directly on their portal which is the best thing about using Bitstamp.

An easy Bitstamp sign up process

If you are new to Bitstamp, you need to sign up for an account by completing the steps that are given below:

1.      From a secure browser, go to

2.      Click on the "Get Started" button

3.      Choose an account type- Corporate or Personal

4.      After this, provide the required information in the given form

5.      Click on the check-box next to "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy"

6.      Hit the "Continue" button

7.      Next, you need to complete the account verification process

For detailed instructions on how to verify your Bitstamp account, refer to the next section.

The Bitstamp account verification process

To start using your account right away, you need to verify it first. Here's how:

1.      Go to the page

2.      Log in to your Bitstamp account

3.      Here, you need to click on the "Personal account verification" option

4.      Now, fill in the verification form with accurate details

5.      Thereafter, you have to complete the identity verification process

6.      For this, you need to upload your recent photograph and the requested documents

7.      This shall complete the KYC process for your account

Bitstamp will let you know through an email about the account verification. Once your account is verified, you will be able to process the transactions from your account faster.

The Bitstamp login process

To access your account and to make transactions using it, you can follow the easy instructions given below:

1.      From a secure browser of your choice, go to the Bitstamp login page

2.      Here, you have to enter your email or User ID in the first blank

3.      Then, enter the login password in the next field

4.      After you have fed the details, hit the "Log In" button

Forgot Bitstamp password? Here is how to reset it

1.      Go to the Bitstamp login page from a browser

2.      Click on the "Forgot password" option

3.      You will see the "Lost login information" page

4.      In the given blank, enter your email address

5.      Hit the "Recover" button

6.      Check your inbox for the email from Bitstamp

7.      Follow the instructions provided in the password reset email

8.      Set a new login password and you will be able to log in once again

Some common Bitstamp problems and solutions


·        Bitstamp server down

·        Could not log in to my Bitstamp account

·        Could not transact/trade using your account

·        Cannot withdraw funds from my account

·        Bitstamp facing outages


·        To fix Bitstamp login issues, please reset your password or try after some time

·        Check if the Bitstamp site is facing outage issues

·        If you are facing any transaction-related issues, make sure you have not exceeded the limit

·        In case you have sufficient funds in your account, but you could withdraw them, then you should verify if you have any open orders on your account

·        You can also follow Bitstamp on to stay updated with what is currently happening with their site


In this post, we have explained to you all the relevant details about using Bitstamp, the ultimate crypto-trading portal. For uninterrupted Bitstamp login, just make sure that you visit only the official website of Bitstamp, provide the correct login details, and you will not face any such login hurdles.